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10 Things You Should Look For During A Roof Inspection

Is your roof beginning to leak? Are you starting to worry about it? We’re here to alleviate that stress. We know sometimes a problem with your roof it’s a huge problem. However, you won’t know how bad it is until you call a roofing contractor to inspect your roof. It could be simple Roof Repairing Services or you could need a full roof replacement. Whatever it is, Midwest Roofing Specialists LLC is here to help you.

To repair or replace your leaky roof, you will need to have your roof inspected. Your roof is inspected by a roofing contractor when it comes to its overall condition. They’ll check your roof perforation, your attic’s ventilation, and more.

As a further guide, here are the 10 things your roofing contractor looks for during a roof inspection.

  1. Attic’s Ventilation
  2. Visible Roof Leaks Or Interior Water Stains
  3. How Many Layers Does Roof Have? 
  4. The Condition Of Roof’s Decking
  5. Roof Vents
  6. Roof Shingles
  7. Roof’s Penetrations And Skylights
  8. Chimney
  9. Roof Flashing
  10. Gutters

Your attic’s ventilation

The attic is the first thing your roofing contractor should inspect when they arrive at your home. They look up there to confirm it’s properly ventilated so your attic can breathe. If your attic isn’t properly ventilated, your roof is going to have concerns.

Visible roof leaks or interior water stains

Your roofing contractor will check your ceiling for stains caused by leaks. Once they found your leak, they’ll start searching for what’s causing it. Once they find it, they’ll do restorations or if the problem is extensive they’ll suggest a replacement.

Visible roof leaks or interior water stains

How Many Layers Does Your Roof Have?

Your contractor first gets on your roof, they’ll inspect to see how many layers your roof has. If the problem is felt bad enough and would need a roof replacement, then your roof and any extra layers will require to be torn off.

Layers Does Roof Have

The Condition Of Your Roof’s Decking

When your contractor gets on your roof, they’ll take notice of your roof’s decking. They check to see if the ground is spongy or solid beneath their feet. Additionally, they will check to see if the nails in your decking are still secure. Your contractor may not be able to tell if your decking is damaged just by walking on it. They usually check its condition after the shingles have been removed.

Your Roof Vents

Vents on your roof should be inspected regardless of the type. You’ll need to check if the gable, soffit, or ridge vents are blocked. If your home has a gas appliance, they’ll check to see if the expansion and contraction of the metal have pulled the fasteners out of the gas vent.

roof replacement

Your Roof Shingles

Roof Installation Services ranks second in importance after adequate attic ventilation. You won’t get the full lifespan out of your shingles if they are not installed properly. Your roof inspector will inspect for nails driven in sideways, causing bumps in your roof, or nails that hit cracks and back out.

Your Roof’s Penetrations And Skylights

A roof penetration is anything sticking out via your roof. During a roof inspection, your roofing contractor will check penetrations and, if you have skylights, ensure they remain leak-free. You should regularly inspect your roof to ensure it remains leak-free.

Your Chimney

There are several items that a roofing contractor inspects that are worthy of their section, including your chimney. During the inspection, they will look at the flashings, mortar, and chimney caps. You have moisture getting into your chimney if anything grows out of the mortar.

metal roofing installation

Your Roof Flashing

Your roof’s flashings will be checked by your contractor during the Roof Inspection Services. Roof flashing is metal identified anywhere your shingles butt up against something, such as a wall, chimney, or in open valleys.

The Metal Roofing will be checked to ensure that it hasn’t rusted and that it can withstand the elements and keep your home dry.

Your Gutters

You should always have your gutters and downspouts inspected by your roofing contractor. The first step will be to make sure there are no cracks or open seams in both of them. They will then look for obstructions or restricted flow that may be causing debris or vegetation to back up. They’ll also look for standing water. The gutters are tilted in the wrong direction if there is standing water in them.

Roof installation

Get roofing services from a reputable contractor

Once you know what a contractor looks for during a roof inspection, you’re ready to contact a reputable roofing contractor in your area. Your roof will be assessed honestly by a reputable contractor. The team at Midwest Roofing Specialists has been taking care of all the roofing needs of their clients. Our thorough inspection ensures that we don’t miss anything during your roof inspection. Our goal is to ensure your peace of mind.

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